is mathematical expression/equation sex that means two

general mathematical symbols or expressions, numbers, etc
√99: What (so)up guys, I was (6 x 9)+(6+9) = 69 with (34,5 x 4)
Plus Symbol (+):What is that??
3:Go to urban dicionary to see lol
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ill give u a 6 if u give me a 9 6 for 9
by speak factz 123 December 5, 2017
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What happends when you have triplets
Doctor" you got a 6*9+6+9=69"

Female" so triplets"
by dessnom November 1, 2019
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A clarification on the original post:

Six times nine is an incorrect question which gives the Answer to the Question of Life the Universe and Everything.

In HHGTG, a massive computer was built to answer the Question. The computer spent millions of years calculating, and arrived at the answer "42". The problem, it said, was that the Question had never been formulated. The computer then designed another computer to calculate the Question. After millions of years of calculation, this computer was inadvertently destroyed. The last remnants of the computer were only able to provide the question "What is six times nine?"
6 x 9 = 42

I write Vogon poetry.
by This is my name. June 6, 2005
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yes 6 is better then 9 there is no way 9 can be better then 6 it is impossible foe that to happen. 6 is an even number but 9 is an odd number. so because 6 is even their can be doubles not like 9 and if you think that 9 is better then 6 that most people wont you are a crazy person and are 100% WRONG. The numerology number 6 is a family, harmony so there for it is 1000000 times better then 9
guy 1: do you think that 6 is better then 9

guy 2: no duh

guy 1: ya 6 cant be out done
guy 2 : 6 is better then 9
person 1:do you think that 6 is better then 9
Person 2: no 9 is better
person 1: your crazy and we cant be friends bye

6: Im so much 6 than you 9

9: Im better.

6: Im 6 so i am

6 is better the 9
by 6 is better December 23, 2018
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National Beat Day- June Ninth... 69
-on this day all will masturbate with pride
Jim: "hey what are you doin today?"

Bob: "Dude tomorrow is 6/9, I got some porn to buy."

Jim: "word me too."
by MasturbateThis! January 13, 2010
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National Sexual Freedom and Exploration Day
A day to celebrate your sexuality, push your boundaries and explore your fantasies openly and with pride.
Alice: "Tomorrow is 6/9! Let's get some new sex toys!"
Bob: "Can I invite my buddy Jim to join us?!?!"
Alice and Bob: *High Five*
by tacoraj April 20, 2018
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