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A beautiful, hard-working, loving girl who will do anything for her friends and family. She's classy as hell. She doesn't date many guys. She is very loyal if in a relationship, and deserves nothing less than the best. If you have a Zyon, you better keep her!!
Get you a Zyon.
Zyon that bihhhhh.
by bigdee32 January 26, 2017
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Zyon a great Loveable guy who has a huge dick and is very strong . Zyon gets all the ladies! (Or men ) whatever Zyon is into he gets ! He so handsome.
Guy 1: Zyon one is so strong!

Guy 2: he really is!
by Xyon October 03, 2016
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Zyon is the type of person that is to friendly. He will tell you he loves you then go sit across the room with the girl you told him not to talk to. Zyon can be sweet but he is dumb and don't know what he wants in life. He will say he wants you back but then don't text you for a whole month or talking to someone else. But you will love Zyon because he would be their when you need him. But you got to learn to get rid of him because he's not good for you.
You and Zyon still go out....... um it's complicated
by Greycat69 July 18, 2017
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Zyon is a sexy loveable men who has a wonderful mind and a great lady name Paris to help him do good zyon also has a huge dick
(Guy1)Dang zyon has a huge dick
(Guy2 )zyon has a wonderful girl sang Paris has a big ass
by Deaxlywizard April 18, 2018
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