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(Noun) Being forced by circumstances to do something which you do not wish to do.

The word is from the German and means "compulsion to move"

The term is most frequently used to describe a strategy in chess whereby one player is forced to make a move they do not wish to make. It is also used more generally to describe any comparable situation.
Of course I lost! He knew my game plan from the start. Put me in zugzwang after zugzwang till he had me right where he wanted me.

I'm in a terrible zugzwang. Can you give me some advice?

(as verb/adj) This year's bonus has me zugzwanged with the tax man. If I declare it, I'll lose the lot.
by StaticRabbit January 14, 2010
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German word for "compulsion to move." Zugzwang is a term used in chess when it's your turn to move a piece, but regardless of where you move, you will be at a disadvantage. In other words Zugzwang is when you need to move, but you don't want to because of the terrible conditions.
Dude: So what? Are you going to introduce to her and at least try to get her number?

Shy guy: I want to, but she's with all her friends, and that's kind of embarrassing.

Dude: You know you won't see her again until summer's over.

Shy guy: Shit, I hate being in zugzwang!
by PokarFace June 24, 2010
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A situation in Chess where one person is forced to make an undesirable move.
by mowaaan June 07, 2004
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a word in chess that means that all your possible moves are bad. Can also be used to describe personal life.
jeez, what a zugzwang!
by saskenarutosakuraLOVE October 21, 2019
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