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A Zoya is a crazy, fun loving, sweet, hilarious, gorgeous girl, that is hella shy in the beginning... she’s fucking hot without knowing it but cute because of her innocence. Zoyas are also hungry, and confused all the time. If you ever meet her don’t let her go she’s an amazing friend and even better gf.... if you hurt a Zoya it’s hard to get her trust back but if you’re important enough to her she will let you back into her life after getting revenge first
P1: who’s the new girl she’s so hot but shy
*points to Zoya*
by potato in disguise June 15, 2018
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Zoya is a girl that you will become friends with even if you two are the most polar opposites in the world. A Zoya will stand up for you, care for you, and cry with you through the hardest of times. A Zoya will have the most beautiful brown and lush eyes, with long black hair that she always is shy about showing off but you tell her that it is beautiful anyway. A Zoya will be the most popular girl in school that everyone envies. She will be especially envied of her musical talents and abilities. She will also push you into doing things out of your comfort zone without second guessing if you're comfortable with it, but you let her do it anyway because she is our best friend. A Zoya will have a strict but caring and model like mother who will scare you at first but then you realize that she is the sassiest and funniest Russian mother to ever exist. SLAY QUEEN! A Zoya will also show you new things and constantly tries to involve you in k-pop. Did I mention that she is crazy over BTS? Don't worry though, she's the type of person to make you go crazy over them too. And at the end of reading this definition, you will realize that Zoya is the greatest best friend anyone could ever wish for.. and how lucky are you to have a friend like Zoya...
Teacher: Is Zoya here today?
Zoya: I'm here! But it's not Zoya, its Zoya.

Class: HAhaha
Rice: That's right everyone its Zoya! Get it right
Kim: Ahem*^^ aka, my best friend so BACK OFF BOI OR I SWEAR TO....
by Vkook_TRASH01 May 05, 2018
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The nicest and shyiest Pearson you will ever meet but once you get to them its like you started fireworks on the fourth of July
Our kid is going to be a Zoya when they grow up
by FifthHarmonizer :-D November 10, 2014
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Baby girl name, in Arabic it means "God's Gift"

The most gorgeous woman you will ever have the honor of seeing...
It's Zoya but is she Rightly Guided?

Who Shows The Right Path is needed and then God's Gift may be Rightly Guided.
by illuminatedbook August 02, 2011
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The hottest girl in all the school. Makes you get hard buy just looking at her.
Dude 1: Man, I wish that i could date Zoya
Dude 2: Me too mon
by jspear January 13, 2017
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