An exclamation of surprise typically expressing fear or dismay.
Shaggy sees the ghost coming toward him, shouts "Zoiks", and runs the other direction.
by jillianb October 10, 2006
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To described something in the superlative form.
All was said was "zoiks" as the beautiful girl walked by.
by Hank0001 June 03, 2004
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Common word paraphrased quite often in the quite popular T-V show "Scooby-Doo". Slang term, meant too mean when frightened, or bewildered.
by anonymous November 06, 2003
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6 people all using the olympia shotgun on call of duty black ops in the search and destroy game mode
you wanna play some cod ?
yeah lets get 6 of us so when can go Zoiking !
by Zoiktastic August 02, 2011
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