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Super cool girl who has difficulty pronouncing words on occasion.
I'm Zoei I'm looking hot but I don't half fancy eating a Celemet (meant to be Clementine).
by Lemon Whale + Banana Panda September 17, 2011
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A smart,pretty girl who has a big crush!shes shy but has a good style a little nerdy!Shes never lit😂!....she has a group of friends she's popular!..She doesn't really like a lot of boys except one she loves creating things she perfect.
Boy 1:theirs zoei go get her!
Boy 2:she's shy she's not gonna come
Boy3:she is to me

Girl 1:theirs zoei I wish I was pretty like her
Girl 2:ikr cause girl u ugly

Girl 3:I hate her I bet she can't even TWERK..!

Zoei:You thought!
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by 2cute2blessed@ September 12, 2017
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