Ni shi yi ge da pang zhu!
(You are a big fat pig!)
by If You Can Read This You Are* January 20, 2009
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Conman name for Asians

also a way to describe someone who is normal Asian and thinks they are the best. most Zhu's are rich and throw there money around in attempt to get some friends and compensate for lack of penis.
"haha look at that asian over there he just bought Jim some food hes definitely a Zhu "

Fred: " hey do you think that guy has a penis hes throwing his money around alot"

Bob: "nah hes definitely a Zhu"
by dabobanator March 23, 2009
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Little cheap mechanical hamsters that roll around on a track or in a cage and also have little outfits that can be worn. They are the Christmas '09 toy fad. As usual with these types of toys people will look back on them a few years from now and wonder why there was such a big hype.
Person A: I have to get Zhu Zhu Hamsters for my kid this year!
Person B: WTF is a Zhu Zhu Hamster?
Person A: I don't know some little toy hamster or some shit but I HAVE to get one or my kid will freak out.
by foofie-no-no December 6, 2009
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any toxic lead based toy from china
zhu zhu toys oh zhu zhu toys eat them up yum eat them up yum
by cheaptrickrick December 8, 2009
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Zhu Li is synonomous with Betrayal or "To Betray. It can be modified for past, present, and future tenses as well.
"When people ask 'hey what happened to that guy?' everyone will say 'Oh didn't you hear? He left cause some girl Zhu Li-ed him!"
by TripleR309 December 6, 2014
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Zhu Xingjie

Zhu Xingjie also known as J.zen or Huba!

Zhu xingjie is a multitalented king who raps,composes,sings,dances and specializes in magic.

Zhu Xingjie Debuted In Mr,Bio in 2015 alongside Zhou Yanchen and Zhou Rui.

Zhu Xingjie Participated In a Chinese Survival Show Called Idol Producer and Placed #15 Out of 99!
Zhu Xingjie a Man who deserves the world!
by zhuxingjie July 9, 2018
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Usually people with this name are generally arrogant and will never admit to be wrong. If you happen to be dating a Tai zhu you will most likely end up crying your ass off because of his arrogance. but the good things about a Tai zhu is that they are unique and have good self values and they always stick up for the people they care about and they act tough but they but actually are really soft.
by -chu- February 18, 2018
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