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Best Girl Ever.

She's pretty.
She has a perfect figure.
She's sexy.
She's tall.
She's flawless.
She can sing.
She can dance.
She can act.
Every guy wants her.
She knows how to treat everyone.
She's every guy's ideal girl.
Every girl gets jealous of her.
She doesnt care what people think about her.
She's very smart.
She's very funny.

She's just too perfect.
OMG! Zelle is so amazing! I hope I'll meet her someday.
by YourAdmirer____ July 08, 2011
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A female name meaning wise and peaceful warrior. A senshi. Girls with this name tend to be highly opinionated, strong-willed, mostly right, good at karate, empathetic, and are absolute BAMFs.
I wanted to ask Zelle for a date; but, I was terrified she would beat me up due to my past indiscretions. Zelle seemed to be able to read my mind.
by spacecakey April 06, 2010
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Zelle is the best person u could ask for. She is nice, funny, smart, loud, and outgoing. If u r having a bad day, just go to Zelle and she will cheer u up. She always knows how to break the ice. She always has lots of friends and sits at any lunch table she chooses, even tho she is the most popular ever. She has had a tough past, so try not to bring it up. Overall she is better than anyone ever (and really hot ;).
Omg I wish my name was Zelle.
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by Evelyn.rose.grigar78 January 10, 2018
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