A man who needs no introductionn.
Zapp Brannigan: I am the man with no name...Zapp Brannigan at your service.
by Godzillastein May 8, 2009
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A captain on Futurama that is the military equivalent of George W. Bush. Women are not allowed in his army as he likes sexually harassing them. Comes up with poor strategies to battles, such as sending waves of his own men out to be destroyed by "killbots," robots that die upon reaching a preset kill limit. He is also responsible for driving a space cruise into a black hole, destroying a $400 billion space station, and having a planet completely mined to the point where it implodes on itself.
Zapp Brannigan: The court shall now hear from the court marshall's ex-lover, Turanga Leela.
Leela: Go *BEEP* yourself.
by dj gs68 September 4, 2003
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Wears a short skirt-like piece of clothing as part of his uniform - which he probably designed himself. Believes himself to be a chick magnet.
"This light meal is over"
by B-Drac September 7, 2003
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The greatest character on the hit TV show Futurama. One of the greatest cartoon characters ever on par with peter griffin,glen quagmire and homer simpson.
Space captain who believes himself to be irrisistable to women.
Constantly coming out with priceless lines.
To Kiff about Leela- Soon she'll come crawling back for some sweet sweet candy. (touches rear) Bam!

Branigans law is like branigans love- hard and fast.

TI don't understand branigans law I mearly enforce it

This is turning into one EROTIC half date
by AdzGod July 18, 2005
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