A cross of two extremely powerful hallucinogenic phenethylamines(2c-c and 2c-e) that may be taken orally or insuffulated(nasally). This is not a drug to be taken lighty. It is incredibly intense and can easily overwhelm people, especially when taken nasally, with an average dose of two to three milligrams. If you happen to come into possesion of this drug, proceed with extreme caution.
i took too much of the zangers and was stuck at plateu 4 for about 3 hours.
by open third eye April 5, 2010
Big ol titties found on a woman normally located being shown at a mud for an exchange of beads
At the mud bog he shouted to his buddy did you see the zangers on that mud cricket throw some beads
by Showmethemzangers September 17, 2019
Did you see Jonny at the party last night? He was so zangered,probably didnt sleep much.
by L.Charles March 22, 2011
a chick in a sports car who has pictures of herself on the key fob.
me and Errol got zanged at Dyfatty lights by this Zanger in a Zangmobile with all the correct pictures and a Primark catalogue on the front seat.

Her roots were showing. Zang !
by Matthew Swansea July 5, 2009