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Zahir is a person who you can tell secrets to. He’s been through a lot but he has a kind heart. He gets a lot of girls although the thinks he thinks he’s ugly. He loves video games. Friends mean a lot to him but watch out because Zahir can spit fake people. Zahir is incredible. His eyes are gorgeous. His eyes are a sea you can just get lost in.
Person:”hey is that a Zahir?”
Other person:”you bet he’s awesome!”
by xLIT.LITA January 15, 2018
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First of all, ignore those other ignorant definitions. A zahir is a person, object, or thing that, once one has looked upon it or
considered it for but a single moment, becomes an obsession which slowly takes over a person's life completely. It can be something simple such as a coin or a mummified monkey's paw, or something intangible such as an idea. It can also be a living person or an animal. So "zahir" = something which causes an irresistable obsession in a person.
See, "The Zahir" by Phillip Jose Borges. The internet meme
smile.jpg is a kind of zahir.

For all his ideals had dwindled down to a single obsession, that only she could fulfill his one desire, for Karen had become his zahir.
by UCSteve December 25, 2012
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The coolest, smartest and the funniest guy you could ever meet. He is a G from the A-F-G. And he is a future millionaire too. He is a person that everyone wants to be like. Also known as and goes by the street name :
tha prankster .
Yo dude look over there, it's Zahir, man he is so cool, I wish I could be like him.
by tha prankster November 19, 2004
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