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Zahir is a person who you can tell secrets to. He’s been through a lot but he has a kind heart. He gets a lot of girls although the thinks he thinks he’s ugly. He loves video games. Friends mean a lot to him but watch out because Zahir can spit fake people. Zahir is incredible. His eyes are gorgeous. His eyes are a sea you can just get lost in.
Person:”hey is that a Zahir?”
Other person:”you bet he’s awesome!”
by xLIT.LITA January 15, 2018
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First of all, ignore those other ignorant definitions. A zahir is a person, object, or thing that, once one has looked upon it or
considered it for but a single moment, becomes an obsession which slowly takes over a person's life completely. It can be something simple such as a coin or a mummified monkey's paw, or something intangible such as an idea. It can also be a living person or an animal. So "zahir" = something which causes an irresistable obsession in a person.
See, "The Zahir" by Phillip Jose Borges. The internet meme
smile.jpg is a kind of zahir.

For all his ideals had dwindled down to a single obsession, that only she could fulfill his one desire, for Karen had become his zahir.
by UCSteve December 25, 2012
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The coolest, smartest and the funniest guy you could ever meet. He is a G from the A-F-G. And he is a future millionaire too. He is a person that everyone wants to be like. Also known as and goes by the street name :
tha prankster .
Yo dude look over there, it's Zahir, man he is so cool, I wish I could be like him.
by tha prankster November 19, 2004
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A funny, annoying, smart, individual who isn't afraid of anything. He's tall and handsome and very popular in school. He's stubborn asf and doesn't usually take no for an answer. He tends to act like he cares about alot of things when he really doesn't. He goes through some stuff at home and usually hides his problems away from people. His mouth is open 24/7 always talking. But he's also a charming ladies man, he always know's what to say and how to say it to get his way in with a girl. He also gives the best advice ever if you know a Zahir try having a real conversation trust me it'll get deep.
Person #1 : " omg I dont what do right now I need someone to talk to"
Person #2 : "why dont you just go talk to Zahir?"
Person #1 : " your're right there he is now...Zahir wait up can we talk?"
by mrchickennugget546453737 February 20, 2019
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