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Proper noun. (Zaw-Kah, also pronounced Zah-Kah)

-Although often misinterpreted, ZaKa is not a Jewish Organization. ZaKa, with the signature capital Z & K, is merely a well known FPS player with 0 tolerance for cheaters/hackers. ZaKa's main game in general is Call of Duty, the famous WW2 classic FPS - Add his X-Fire @ LordZaKa and join him in a game. ZaKa, as the word goes around - is a very high-skilled gamer and currently owns/runs UnityGaming clan with a friend. As dedicated as ZaKa is, he's only been in 1 clan his entire CoD career - And with this clan he leads the 2v2 Rifles Ladder in TWL holding 1st place.

-Apart from ZaKa's gaming career, he also creates 2-second jokes which often are relevant to Africans or Asians.

-The following fact has never been revealed to the public until now, ZaKa's favorite verb is "Exterminate".

ZaKa can be defined in many ways, these are just a few definitions that define the great gamer that roams the servers of Call of Duty. As much as you may think he hacks, he is possibly one of the most anti-cheat enforcers you will ever meet.

Visit ZaKa's CEGL map server @ !
1) I'm almost as 1337 as ZaKa!

2) ZaKa pwnz j00!

3) If I had a nickel every time ZaKa pwned me, I'd have a thousand three hundred and thirty-seven nickels.
by UnityGaming April 11, 2007
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He's rootoverminusone, an imaginary number. He's the real og, a retired memelord and has an Instagram handle @rootoverminusone.
Mark gets you zucced. Zaka? Well he sends memes when you're sad.
by ZeusOfOlympus June 07, 2018
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