When a facebook meme page gets banned from posting.
"Hey what happened to your meme page?"
"My page got zucced"
by tinkec January 4, 2017
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When your freedom of expression is SUCKed out of you by ZUCKerberg's mysterious "community standards."
Hey, you know what, I can't post anything on facebook for three days because I got zucced.
by Saikh October 15, 2018
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When someone on Facebook gets banned by Mark Zuckerberg, they call it zucced (Fucked by Zuckerberg).
Hey! I've not seen you on Facebook for long time, what happened?
Person: I got zucced for posting dank memes.
by Raiayyyyyy May 6, 2019
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When you post something that does not follow the community guidelines
Sebastian 294: *posts something offensive*
Facebook: hello *get zucced*
by Sebby294 March 30, 2021
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When mark zuccer burge drops to his knees and give the most intence head your penis will ever recieve without falling off
Damn he gave the zuc last night and my penis feels like a noodle now
by HURTINGANUSHOLE March 23, 2018
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To be ignored or have your existence forgotten
"Ha you just got zucced"
by Zucced pro August 24, 2017
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The Zuc Juke, that moment when you have written a funny comment and realize when you hit more replies that you should have read the other replies first.
I got Zuc Juked good the other day, I wrote something sarcastic to someone Vaguebooking and then when I hit more replies I realized their mom had died.
by googleverbmaker2 May 17, 2018
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