It is a pretty nice city at the north-west end of the lake Zürich. It has good transportation, food, education, healthcare and a stable job market. The language spoken here is a dialect of high German called "Züritüütsch". Even some people from Germany have trouble understanding it :P

It is the birthplace of dadaism and the famous german scientist Albert Einstein was a graduate and professor at the ETH Zürich.

Currently 23,2% of the population is foreign. Mostly Germans, Italians and Serbs.
American dude: "So, do you have electricity Switzerland?"

Guy from Zürich: "Yeah. Where I live we get batteries once a month brought to us by a peasant riding a donkey"

American dude: "Really?"

Guy from Zürich: "..."
by RandomSwissDude May 11, 2010
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The true capital of Switzerland and simply put the best city in the world. Home to Switzerland's best football team Grasshopper Club Zürich and home to everything that's good in the world.
Non-Zürcher 1: "I wish I was from Zürich."
Non-Zürcher 2: "I know life sucks."
by Samichlaus April 04, 2011
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The best football club in all of switzerland, the only football club in the city of zürich, even if stupid people tell you something else. The club has a history of buying cheap talents and selling them for big money, there's also an excellent youth academy system that brought us players like Ricardo Rodriguez or Nico Elvedi. Even if the club has been mediocre on the football pitch in recent times, the fans are amongst the best in the country, their away atmosphere is even number 1.
Fc zürich is the greatest team in the world
by 13.5.2006 June 06, 2020
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A very handsome man with a large penis, 6’6 220 lbs and shredded abs, multi-millionaire, 5.0 GPA, and committed to Vanderbuilt for baseball
Omg Zürich is so hot!
by sjdjrjjeee August 19, 2021
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