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It is a pretty nice city at the north-west end of the lake Zürich. It has good transportation, food, education, healthcare and a stable job market. The language spoken here is a dialect of high German called "Züritüütsch". Even some people from Germany have trouble understanding it :P

It is the birthplace of dadaism and the famous german scientist Albert Einstein was a graduate and professor at the ETH Zürich.

Currently 23,2% of the population is foreign. Mostly Germans, Italians and Serbs.
American dude: "So, do you have electricity Switzerland?"

Guy from Zürich: "Yeah. Where I live we get batteries once a month brought to us by a peasant riding a donkey"

American dude: "Really?"

Guy from Zürich: "..."
by RandomSwissDude May 11, 2010
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Largest Swiss city on the face of this planet.
Population is roughly 300,000 and has large foreign proportions (mostly Germans, Italian, American, British).
Average income's high and so is cost of living.
Beautiful lake, awesome climate. Nice women.
Terrific universities.
American dude: "Yo dawg. Where them Zurich at? Yo-diggy-dee-doo."
British dude: "Hello fella. The splendid city of Zurich is located by the Lake of Zurich and as you may notice lies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Interestingly, Switzerland has four lingual divisions, i.e. parts where French, German, Italian and Romansk are sp..."
American dude: "Yo what the dillio is you's tellings me dawg. Shut them mouth of yourz f00. I's them big dawg you feggin Brit. Yo. Dillio. Apple Pie. SUV. Mc D's dawg."

Swiss dude: "I cho es huara geile Poppeshaerli."
German dude: "What? I didn't get that. Speak German f00."
by DaSwissyFuzz August 27, 2006
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The true capital of Switzerland and simply put the best city in the world. Home to Switzerland's best football team Grasshopper Club Zürich and home to everything that's good in the world.
Non-Zürcher 1: "I wish I was from Zürich."
Non-Zürcher 2: "I know life sucks."
by Samichlaus April 04, 2011
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A city in Switzerland that is constantly being owned by Basel in every way possible.
Guy from Zurich: "Do saichsch in Ofä!"
Guy from Basel: "d'Züri schiint dään z'soone... >.< Dobbeli"
by CharlieBuck April 04, 2011
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An overpriced city with to many chocolate stores.
- Wow Zurich is just way to expensive!

- I know, you have to be some kind of drug dealer to pay an apartment here. But how about some chocolate?
by I like turtles. January 04, 2021
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