"Bro that girl at TC Spitta's party was OMD"
by Hotafjones October 30, 2019
Toad: Hey, anyone seen my chick?
Rick: Yea, She's OMD!!
Toad: Like a nigga.
by Arni Duckhard January 2, 2010
Abbreviation for the band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.
OMDs song, "If You Leave", is an 80s classic!
by INXpeteR August 6, 2007
On-My-Dick, just like how GOMD is Get-Off-My-Dick
If some someone is nagging you, sometimes you might reply, “omg, why are you OMD”
by TheGreatGayOne ;) February 15, 2018
Lincoln: omg that bitch was omd last night tryna get a free drink
Myah: damn, I’m just tryna get on yo dick cus you peng asfff daddy
by xtlanta October 3, 2017
Oh my Derby!

Used in conversations to describe a situation that reminds you of the Kentucky Derby.
OMD! That chick's so drunk she's riding mud like a slip in slide!
by True Life Detroit May 14, 2010
When a man has an enormous bulge that you cant tear your eyes from....
by Beccy KB August 31, 2018