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To agree as in saying yes, but in a cuter way.
by Emely May 03, 2005
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see: yup, yes, yep, yeppers, yeah and yea.
person:"do you you want a slice of pizza?"

by Phuq Q. May 05, 2005
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Evolution of the word YUP, which was derived from the word YES. Commonly used in situations where there is nothing else to say, used to break the ice in a situation where otherwise an awkward silence would linger in the air. Used frequently by adolescent girls while texting.
(Conversation via text)

Person 1: Hmm, I'd probably take you if my first choice was gone.
Person 2: Ok, nice of you to put it that way.
Person 1 (gears turning): Yuppers!
by Desert Thunder July 01, 2009
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Used especially in ims when the conversation has come to an end. ex.
ImPerson1: wats up?
ImPerson2: nm u?
ImPerson1: nm
ImPerson2: Yuppers
Haley: Today was so fun!
Erin: Yuppers. We should do this again.
by Erin February 21, 2004
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