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A parasite is a thing in which sticks to people and acts like one of them. It is a fake bug and can cause memory changes to adapt to the parasite. Kind of like people.
"The parasite is trying to stick to me"
"Dont you mean Yuka?"
"Exactly thats what a parasite is!!"
by Minehodgid October 29, 2018
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Someone who is desperate for attention and is fake, looking for people to love her/him.
by Minehodgid September 24, 2018
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Hockey geek and boi with his french degree. Lmao he just said Merci to michelle.
AJ: yo yo man like my hockey
Friend: Fuck did you just say?
by Minehodgid February 20, 2018
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A girl who tries to get everyone’s attention. Revives fast after break up and many fall in love, yet many fall out of it. despretely needs love. Yuka is a girl everyone wants to be friends with.
Yuka:I’m so upset. Give me attention my minion
by Minehodgid February 18, 2018
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