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An absolute ninja.

Someone named Shohei will enter lives unexpectedly, and is surprisingly friendly. Shohei is really easy to talk to, very smart, chilled, and not sore on the eyes either (shoot me. I admitted it).

Shohei's usually pretty funny himself and has a good sense of humour.

It's a known fact that Shohei may have a few bromances going on but he's a definite player for all you single ladies out there.
Person 1: Oh my gosh, have you met the new kid?

Person 2: No, I haven't.

Person 1: He's such a Shohei. I don't know whether to run away scared of his cool ninja abilities or to strike a conversation with him.
by Ninja.Nuff said. February 26, 2013
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a guy that is constantly having mood swings and calls himself a "Christian" though he cusses girls out regularly! this kid has a major work ethic problem.....and hardly does any work! this person is full of himself thinking he is better than you at EVERYTHING......and you learn not to EVER try and correct him or rebuttal anything he says!
"Did you hear what Shohei told me today?!"- girl(1)
"No......but do i want to know?"-girl(2)
"Probably not......"-girl(1)
"There is no telling what he said!"-girl(2)
by shohei1 October 14, 2010
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