Short for "Youza bitch" which is already short for "You are a bitch"


1. Quite frankly, if somebody is being a little bitch the word is always appropriate;
2. When somebody is getting bent out of shape for a silly reason;
3. When somebody kills a joke and/or conversation;
4. Synonymous to a negative head shake of supreme disapproval;


Typically the word is pronounced slowly and the "a" sound may trail off as if the word was followed by an ellipsis. See song 'Ludacris-Ho' for alternate youza pronunciation.
Friend 1: "I'm kind of tired so I don't think I'm going to drink tonight or go out with you guys"
Friend 2: "Youza..."


Friend 1: "I think I may head home early to wash my brand new duvet cover."
Friend 2: "Youza..."
by Chico Berman January 13, 2011
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Over excitement or happiness because of an event.

Too much Youza will make you gay.
Bob: "Youza! I just won the lottery!"

Megan: "Who gives a piece of pie?"

Bob: "Your mother."
by grape nose boy May 24, 2009
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Used as an insult to a ho or otherwise known as a person you wouldn't trust your man with.
Shaquisha: "I can give your man a ride to the concert."
Patricia: "Girl no, youza ho. You always tryna get some."
Shequisha: "Damn, you caught me."
by Jesshiaquandra March 16, 2017
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A person who acts with unattractive qualities. Example always saying, "I'm bout to play ball, lemme get some chicken wings, or Whats poppin 5!"
"Yo! I'm bout to play ball after i eat some chicken at Crown 5!" I replied, "youza horse!"
by kingknox March 10, 2009
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An endearing silent phrase that can be used in good and bad. The second word is always silent.
Youza... beautiful
Youza... bitch
Youza... incredible

by In No Thyme March 15, 2021
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