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The Freshmen Male dorm at Saint Anselm College. They shove about 750 guys in one building haunted and expect everything to be perfectly fine. The occupants subsist off of only microwave Mac&Cheese, popcorn, and protein powder. There’s always someone playing the shittiest rap music you’ve ever heard, someone from the the second floor getting shitfaced, incels in the basement smoking shit and kicking out the people who actually live there, and people from the third floor either being the most ostentatious or most unrecognizable people on campus. The RAs are pretty cool though, except for the communist. Also can be referred to as Dirty Dom.
They shoved all the Freshmen males into Dominic Hall. Who thought this was a good idea?
by sunnA sunU October 8, 2022
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A phrase used when a friend shows significant signs of emotional distress linked to sexuality, sexual/romantic frustration, or even intimate isolation.

It generally means to take charge of who you want to be in regards to sexual identity, how you want to be treated, and how you project yourself on a sexual/romantic level.
The phrase can be applied to both sexes, but refers specifically to someone who is either the submissive partner in a relationship, or desires to be the submissive partner in either a current or future relationship.
Tim: I’ve been going through a lot lately. I don’t feel like I have control of who I am as a person.
Lucas: I know man, you aren’t very good at hiding it. Shit like this is rough, but you got to remember who’s in control of you. Be your own bitch!
Tim: Be my own bitch?
Lucas: Be your own bitch!
Tim: Be my own bitch!
Sarah: What are you guys talking about?
Tim and Lucas: Be your own bitch!
by sunnA sunU December 23, 2021
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A completely shaved head
John was given the Enzo Cut outside after failing to not curse for 24 hours. He then proceeded to run through the rain to get the hair off.
by sunnA sunU October 14, 2022
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The thing your friends say when their fucking around while you're trying to organize them and do the thing you guys originally planned to do.
James: Come on guys we have to start D&D soon.
Alan: We can't start until Joe gets here so let's wait for Joe.
by sunnA sunU November 22, 2021
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The other ghost the haunts Dominic Hall. Allegedly he’s what calls over the Domrats.
*Using a Ouija Board”
Big Dick Dave: I S U M M O N T H E D O M R A T S
by sunnA sunU October 7, 2022
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Someone who supports the LGBT+ halfheartedly, or pretends to identify as a member, only for clout. A good portion of them are secretly homophobic and actively target LGBT+ when nobody is looking.
You remember that girl we met at GSA, Linda? Well I heard her call Shawn the F-Slur and she’s been harassing him online. She’s an M&M in the Skittles Bowl.
by sunnA sunU February 11, 2022
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Location: Male Dormitory
Participants: Enzo, Will, Justin, Aidan, John, and Ilya (by proxy)

At approximately midnight, Senatorial Candidate John Anglum, hurled a plastic cup of frozen marinara at the dormitory door of two of his fellow students, one of whom was the current Senator, Justin Bergeron, after discovering it had been placed in his fridge by his roommate. Chaos ensued as Justin was forced to slam his door to shield himself and his roommate from the wrath of the candidate, and while neither had any political grudges in the past, these actions could only come from hatred and malice. Only time will tell if this will be another footnote in history, or the final blow to John’s already tumultuous political carrier.
Ben: Did you hear about the 2022 “Marinara” Incident?
Ronald: Yeah I hear it might cost John his whole carrier.
by sunnA sunU September 30, 2022
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