He isnt here. Hes not sorry either. Your mom should have gotten an abortion and hed still be here. Its all your fault. Thats why your mom abuses you as well.
Kid: Mom when is dad coming back.
Mom: Your dad is never coming back becausr of you stupid bitch.
by UrFatAssDadLeft4Milk May 18, 2023
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A really retarded response to the also retarted comment, your mom.
Jack:Your mom
John Jacob Jingle Heimer Shit:Your DAD
Jack: Ya, I ain't to fond of my dad either
by rekcuf October 17, 2005
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A term for a boss, or another authority figure who is disliked.
Why did your dad make me do that?

Because he's your dad!
by PGA Dude March 12, 2010
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