What my 13 year old wigger brother says because he thinks your momisn't cool anymore...

Like it ever was >_<
"Hey, listen to me you little asshole!"
"Your dad! Your dad! Your dad!"
"My dad is your dad too you fucktard." *face palms*
by Laverne April 16, 2004
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A man, born roughly 16-30 years before you. Usually married to Your Mom. Responsible for roughly 1/3 of your upbringing, via monetary support. Also A major factor in childhood traumatization, and hereditary alcoholism. In addition, Your Dad is one of the few people GUARANTEED to make sexy time with your mom on a regular basis.
Your dad is at the bar, AGAIN
by The DickTater January 2, 2011
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the one who happily stuck his dick in your mom
by your daddy March 13, 2004
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A non-existent thing. Other people have one, but you don't. Besides your dad might be the Lorax or Antione Castillo.
Person: My dad took me camping.
You: Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch, you know I don't have a dad!
Person: Ok, Ok
You: Anyway your moms a whore, so he might not even be your dad, bitch.
Person: (Crying)
by Cocksucker96 February 1, 2023
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