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The eight ancient civilisations - the four main ones(Ancient Alvaros, Ancient Karens, Ancient Ashleys and Ancient Nikitas), plus the four civilisations that split from the others - Ancient Jeremies(from the Ancient Alvaros), Ancient Sabians(from the Ancient Karens), Ancient Cyrils(from the Ancient Ashleys) and Ancient Steavers(from the Ancient Nikitas). Only 8 people still survive today from these civilisations, and strangely, all of them have the name that was used to refer to their original civilisation. These 8 civilisations existed long before dinosaurs - except the Ancient Karens(and therefore also the Ancient Sabians), they all came from other planets. The Ancient Karens were the first people on earth.
The Ancient Steavers, Ancient Nikitas and Ancient Karens are the best.
by Steaver370 May 5, 2004
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How the average Japanese person would say "Collect" or "Correct".
by Steaver370 May 17, 2004
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Also written Far Q. A prank name which sounds like "Fuck You".
Far Qyu!
by Steaver370 June 6, 2004
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Al Bhed for "The Best". Used often by Steaver370. Pronounced "Drah Picked"
That is like, dra picd!
by Steaver370 May 1, 2004
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The correct spelling is "eat-arse".
"Shut up Ashlee. You're eat-arse." ~ Karl
by Steaver370 September 23, 2004
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