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"I don't care."
I don't give a fuck about you.
by Steaver370 May 27, 2004

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A female Hot Dog.
I'll have two hot bitches.
by Steaver370 June 17, 2004

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A phrase used in a weird song by Goldfinger. "Fuck you! And your cat!"
Fuck you! And your cat!
by Steaver370 May 05, 2004

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Alvaro's middle name.
Hey, Alvaro Dogsex Pasek, eat my shorts!
by Steaver370 May 05, 2004

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A mountain in Final Fantasy 10, home of the Ronso tribe.

The music played on this mountain pretty much saved my life, because I felt like killing myself, but then the music kinda gave me emotional "strength" so I didn't kill myself, if that makes any sense. As for why I put the music on, I don't know, but it was fortunate that I did.
Mt Gagazet music rules, and it would still rule even if it didn't save me, because it's an awesome music.
by Steaver370 July 24, 2004

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Medieval demolition. Set down by people, and then the person runs. In many cases, the person may fail to run, therefore they have been "blown away by their own petard", which is also a common saying.
Petard is nothing to do with retard. You are retarded, not petarded. :P
by Steaver370 July 30, 2004

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To shove toilet paper up your butt.
Go wipe your ass.
by Steaver370 April 25, 2004

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