An insult used only against Heterosexuals, usually in a playful manner. When said with randomly or as an act of defense, Usually by young boys, it’s genuine, or a flirt. Otherwise known as “I’m interested in you”
“I didn’t lose this match, Your gay!”
“Here’s my number josh, your gay.”
by Your helpful Gal! March 13, 2021
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A bastardization of you're gay, used primarily by 'net denizens of average or lower intellect and a poor grasp of the english language. May also be used in the literal sense, similar to the first-person usage "My gay", or third-person "His/her gay".
<StAiNdRulez88>your gay
<lesslamescreenname>I have a gay? When did I acquire one of those?
by N III June 01, 2007
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An pathetic insult used by people who can't think of anything better to say and are very bad at grammar and say "your" instead of "you're" when appropriate.
Bob: Hey dude what's happening?
Chris: Fuck off
Bob: What have I done?!
Chris: Your gay!
Bob: Shut the hell up you retarded fuckfaced pussy unclefucking douchebag turd burglar!!!
Chris: Um... your gay.
by Lornapie July 04, 2005
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A pejorative phrase used by people who are:

a) homophobes.

b) ignorant of homophones (words with the same pronunciation but different writings/ meanings).
Idiot: "Your gay."
Gay: "I know, but YOU'RE an idiot."
by 9ausi December 04, 2013
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A simple solution to turn any argument in your favour.
Person 1: "Berlin is the capital of France."
Person 2: "No, Paris is."
Person 1: "I'm sure it's Berlin."
Person 2: "Look in this encylopae..."
Person 1: "your gay"
by gaylord! July 17, 2009
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