Sarcasm. When someone is complaining about something, someone will sarcastically say "You love it!" just to make them feel worse about it.
Guy says: "Damn, there's nothing but ugly chicks in this club!"...

Sarcastic response: "You love it!"
by ezeemonee April 17, 2008
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common in MA, mostly northern, it is what ever you want, most likely the cock, can be used in multiple ways.
could be "you love it up the dumpah"
frank- man you suck
steve- yeah well you love it
dick - Yeah dude the red sox are wicked awesome, and the yankees love it
by Moxie January 26, 2005
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phrase made up by paris hilton and nicole richie. probably one of their only good phrases (well at least it's fun to say) haha
A (holding up a pair of jeans): do you love it?
J: loves it.
by pinkslips April 10, 2007
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Something to say when you are absolutely delighted with how a situation sorted out.

Typically isn't used ironically.
"Some of those anti-mask delinquents got busted because they were easy to identify. Because they weren't wearing masks. Charged with 'terroristic threats'. "

"Oh man, you love to see it."
by Olly the Bug January 12, 2021
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Frequently used to ironically express disliking of a situation or occurrence.
Got work off so I could watch the game and then it got rained out. You love to see it.
by marketeur July 19, 2019
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Lets just say you made it and niggas hating you can just say “you love to see it” to them as a lowkey flex
by YungBoof August 29, 2019
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