author, socialite, rich kid. born nicole camilla escoveda, daughter of one of lionel richie's bandmate. she was raised from by lionel at the age of 3 and adopted he formally adopted her at the age of 9. Her godfather is Michael Jackson. She dropped out of the University of Arizona and was treated for drug addiction. She co-starred with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, though they are no longer close. Her antics and wild partying had her appear as the funny, crude, chubby one. She had an incredibly shocking transformation, losing a great deal of weight, changing her hair, behavior, and dress. Many believe she suffers from an eating disorder or abuses drugs due to her skeletal figure, though her father attributes it to stress. She was formerly engaged to DJ AM. She is close friends with Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton.
Nicole Richie looks like she's lost even more weight.

Nicole Richie is thinspiration for many girls with anorexia.

I really love Nicole Richie's black dress at the award show.
by margaretsanger December 27, 2005
(1)The brains of the bunch
(2)The smarter half of a group
(3)Tho opposite of a paris hilton
Obviously, she's the nicole richie; she know not to videotape her sex life.
by Rolie Platnin July 20, 2005
A ratlike, useless, nepotistic, socialite who is famous for her famous dad, and it's not even her real dad. Often admired because she isn't Paris Hilton. Famous for doing drugs and being dangerously underweight. Money is the only thing that defines her. She hires a stylist to dress her up, so she has no style to call her own. She uses her undeserved fame to have her elementarily-written "novel" get published within the course of a year. She is the poster child for anorexia/drug abuse and is a bad role model for girls who check out her magazine articles. The only thing Nicole Richie needs to grab attention, especially the paparazzi, is to be extremely skinny. Other than exist, she contributes nothing to society. Her uselessness makes her other useless buddy, actress Lindsay Lohan, seem like a humanitarian.
Nicole Richie needs to gain ten pounds.
Nicole Richie needs to go away.
Nicole Richie is my ~thinspiration~
I think Nicole Richie hates her body to make herself lose that much weight. She needs to be put out of her misery to truly be happy.
by rmnp January 13, 2006
A disease where a person loses weight rapidly(mysteriously) and turns into an ugly monster. They start wearing huge sunglasses to make their large head look proportionate to their skeletal body.
OMG Kim you look so skinny, are you aneroxic or suffering from nicole richie?
by WannaBeCow August 30, 2006
Best known for her work as Paris Hilton's sluterific accomplice. Thanks GOD the crusade of Hoebag and crack whore has come to an end
Make sure you pull a Nicole Richie and film the sex tape instead of starring in it
by drphil=redneck March 21, 2006
A twat that didn't have a sex tape unlike her best friend Paris Hilton, but is still a talentless skinny girl who has nothing going for her except money and drugs.
Look it's Grandma! Whoops, it's just nicole richie.
by rahphee June 2, 2006
Smart,Kind,Nice,Pretty,Rich pretty woman!!

ex friend of Paris Hilton
the perfect woman in the whole wide world,nicole richie
by drollie August 26, 2006