Acting as if you didn't (or don't know) know what the outcome of your actions, a comment, statement, etc. would be; acting unaware
During a conversation....

Person A: **sarcastic tone** "How was I supposed to know she didn't know her dude was cheating on her. He always bragging that his DM be poppin..."

Person B: "You so petty...You play all day!"
by SushiFlower January 29, 2016
As much as one would like. Often disapprovingly.
1. - I dont see her behind your back.

- Lie all you want, I saw her message in your phone.

2. You can eat all you want.
by Lonewolfie April 30, 2019
Can be used either sarcastically or sincerely when (for whatever reason) you hesitate to use the word Love. Depending on how mighty your heart is, "hearting" someone can be a big damn deal.
Awe come on baby. Do that thing I showed you. Oh yeah. Mmmmm that's good. Yeah. Just like that. Baby, I heart you with all my heart.
by Bobby_C October 10, 2007
Having feelings for someone only in a sexual way rather than true, genuine heartfelt feelings. Wanting someone only for sexual satisfaction.
Sally: "John, I'm leaving you for good!"

John: "No, Sally! Come back, I love you with all my penis!!!!!!"
by swagmasterflex420 July 8, 2013