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Complete douchebag, creator of the lame ass "comedy" show Family Guy, no comedic talent whatsoever. All his attempts at comedy are related to pop culture reference. The only thing he is good at when creating comedy is coming up with clever puns.

He's also one of the most stuck up arrogant pricks you'll ever meet in person.

Nobody likes you, Seth, you douchebag sack of shit. Get fucked. Oh, and by the way, Family Guy isn't funny anymore, you sell out. Since you brought it back on Fox it's been lacking in humor. So you can go fuck yourself, you self absorbed jerk off.
"Seth McFarlane is a fucking douchebag."
by not found [Error 404] August 04, 2008
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1. An atheist, gay rights, comedian who created Family Guy, American Dad, and the YouTube series: Seth McFarlane's Calvacade of Comedy.

2. A very funny comedic genius who people may not like because he is an atheist who is for gay rights, which Christians probably would look down upon.

3. A great singer, writer, and voice impersonater (if that's what you want to call it, but he makes the voices, he doesn't really impersonate...).

4. Awesome.
Bill Maher: "And I understand you are also a big champion of gay rights."
Seth McFarlane: "Yeah." (Crowd claps/cheers).
Maher: "Well your not a gay man yourself-"
McFarlane: "No, no. Don't get me wrong, I like a good ass-fuck as much as the next guy, but-" (as a joke, people).
by AnyWayTheWindBlows July 10, 2009
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