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Refers to Youngstown, Ohio. A city known for violence, robbery, mafia, corrupt pollitical figures, and high unemployment among other things.
You have to be nuts to live in Yompton.
by Mike Mannozzi November 23, 2005
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What rich white kids from Canfield and Poland call Youngstown in an attempt to look gangsta.
Rich Canfield Douche: I'm from Yompton nigga!
Youngstown Person: Shut the fuck up, you've never even been to the south side.
by a monkey fucking a coconut October 30, 2005
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Yompton is a slang term for the Northeast, Ohio city of Youngstown. Youngstown is located in Mahoning County, Ohio. Yompton is a compound of the city of Compton, California, and Youngstown, Ohio. Compton is a well known area riddled with high crime rates, as is Youngstown. Yompton is used in an attempt to relate Youngstown with Compton so that others unfamiliar with the city will become somewhat aware of its crime, giving them a comparison to Compton. Yompton is often misspelled as Yumpton, which is irrelevant to the actual meaning. Bordering townships and cities include Boardman, Canfield, Poland, Liberty, Hubbard, and Girard. These cites/townships have relatively lower crime rates than that of "Yompton".
by B Sheez July 09, 2006
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Often thought of as slang for the city of Youngstown, Ohio, and actually refers to Youngstown, Ohio, but is really the result of decades of inbreeding, no education, and no verbal skills of many of its occupants. The early grunting and gurgling sounds that were made when many attempted to vocalize the city of their birth had been passed down from sister and brothers to their incestual children and after many years, the gutteral groans actually began to take on attributes of the proper English pronunciation of "Youngstown"... finally coming out as "Yompton" these days.
Resident 1: "Urg blow up car blugg blugg urf Yompton"
Resident 2: "Iiizz kill you woof woof uuurrggwapt Yompton"
Resident 1: "Burbble bribe judge uoogg Yompton"
by Cranko Zabotnik July 12, 2006
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