A new game based loosely on the South Side of Youngstown, Ohio. A Mafia Wars type game almost, but way more features and more different things to do.

The game has as much crime as the city! Except it's pretty darn fun to play.
Can you run these Streets of "Yompton"?
by Yompton April 29, 2010
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Often thought of as slang for the city of Youngstown, Ohio, and actually refers to Youngstown, Ohio, but is really the result of decades of inbreeding, no education, and no verbal skills of many of its occupants. The early grunting and gurgling sounds that were made when many attempted to vocalize the city of their birth had been passed down from sister and brothers to their incestual children and after many years, the gutteral groans actually began to take on attributes of the proper English pronunciation of "Youngstown"... finally coming out as "Yompton" these days.
Resident 1: "Urg blow up car blugg blugg urf Yompton"
Resident 2: "Iiizz kill you woof woof uuurrggwapt Yompton"
Resident 1: "Burbble bribe judge uoogg Yompton"
by Cranko Zabotnik July 12, 2006
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