The most Boring City this side of the world. The kids of the area find entertainment in things such as watching corn stalks grow or paint dry. However this rousing amusement can only go on for so long until the local police decide to break it up because there isn't one thing bad ever happneing here. Fair Warning to all: if you would like to drive through going un-noticed by the police then do not dirve a car that costs under 13,000 dollars or has a black person in it.
I was once stopped by the Canfield police officer (a.k.a. the blonde bitch) for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, this would be fair enough however I was RUNNING on the sidewalk.
by boredinclanfield August 2, 2007
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( Verb ) To needlessly lead two people on with promises of romantic interest while being too flighty to actually pursue either. Usually the second event happens just as the flight reaction occurs from the first event.
Yo, I thought Jason was tryna hook up with that chick but he just straight up Canfielded her.
by Berp September 21, 2014
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(N) Someone who swears, or talks in profane language excessively.
(v) To breakout in a massive and excessive amount of profanity to the degree of incomprehensible. Typically followed by an apology, followed by more profanity. (ex. Aww....shit I shouldn't have said that)
(n) One who is extremely homophobic
(n) Dude, its just Halo you Canfield
(v) You talk about graveyards one more time, and I will Canfield you
(n) Dude don't be a Canfield, let me rub my balls all over your toothbrush, bed, and towel!

Dialogue Example:

(canfield playing Halo): Aw...fuck you you fucking peckerhead mother fucking son of a bitch!
Person 1: Calm down dude, its just halo
Cafield: Aw fuck you too mother fucker! You JACKASS
(3 second pause)...Aw shit fellers I shouldn't have said that...ya peckerhead.
by Chris Kaczmarek April 2, 2008
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Ohio's largest gathering of suburbanites, rural white trash, niggers, wiggers, Italians, and geezers.

Runs 6 days, starting on a Wednesday running through Labor Day.

Most of the time, it smells like horse shit unless you're right near all the food vendors.
Person #1: Hey are you going to the Canfield Fair this year?

Person #2: I live in Youngstown. What the fuck do you think?

Person #1: Touche.
by ytownrepresent August 31, 2010
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She is my idol she almost has 1million on tiktok and i hope she hits 10 million. She is sweet caring and never brings people down she has a fake fanpage for zoe! thats where she got all her clout from she has 200k on that and she gets so much clout from it. I love her
Tianna Canfield is amazing
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An extra thicc nibba who always hits the hooplas and hootinanies
Damn that girl so thicc you might as well call her Sam Canfield
by Thicc Nibba Inc. February 27, 2018
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