A phrase commonly used to attract a babe's attention. If yelled in inner city RVA it will make girls will turn and look like its their name.
"Matt saw some hot scene sluts after the ETID show, so he leaned out of the car window and yelled 'Yo Booty!' and got one of thier numbers"
by sebastian crucial December 5, 2006
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You stank in between yo legs and need to clean it up.for real, that shit aint cute and un-natural.
"Gurrl and/or heffa, you need to wash yo bootie"
by B-B-G October 24, 2008
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Its Where your stomach sticks out further than your booty do.rathere than being pregnat the girl or guy is larger in there stomach regiun than there ass..cuz they aint got none
"shes a yo booty do,"
"wus dat"
"is where yo stomach stick out further than yobootydo!"
by chris capp July 15, 2006
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Song made as a joke by a couple of guys from the bands Saosin and Take The Crown. Popularized by myspace display names and headlines.
-oh em gee i ♥ this song!
-d00d lyk which 1??

-Show me yo booty hole
That booty that bbbooty hole
That booty that bbbooty hole
That booty show me your booty hole

Shakin' your booty like it ain't no thing
Rub it all up on my dingaling
by beatrix_00 July 25, 2006
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p1: "did you see that one tiktok by @daniellecohn?"
p2: "no, which one?"
p1: "the iconinc yo booty popping vid"
p2: "wow ok i'm gonna have to check that out"
by we__irritating November 5, 2019
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