damn, that nat is pregnat.
by winstonlover January 30, 2018
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verb. to impregnate, knock up
past tense: pregnatized
Pookie done pregnatized Shonda.
by CBJM April 10, 2007
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1. The description being pregnant by one who really shouldn't be pregnant (either for a male or female).

2. A common and very annoying typo for the word "pregnant".
omfgz u guyzz im pregnate!!1!1!
by Mocodity August 22, 2006
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Pregnatic is the amalgamation of pregnant and pragmatic. It is an adjective referring to a woman who is pregnant and very sensible about it. She is herself, just with a very large belly and breasts.
My pregnatic friend Emily rides her bicycle to work every day.
by Alberova February 4, 2010
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An act in which a woman deliberately and without the knowledge of her partner gets herself pregnant in the hopes of securing a permanent relationship with a male of her choice.

Sometimes this is used to help the undecided party become more committed to the relationship.
He has fallen victim to pregnatal trappage

She’s fallen pregnant after a month? That’s got to be a case of Pregnatal Trap-page!

He said he is going to leave? Time for Pregnatal Trappage!
by BubbleButt1989 October 12, 2017
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What an illiterate girl writes on the back of her hand so she remembers to tell her boyfriend that she's with child.
"Todd," (she refers to back of hand) "I'm pregnate!"
by Kee Strauser August 5, 2005
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The three scariest words know to any normal american teenager. holy shit its scary.
My girl was like "I am pregnate", and i was like "I am going to buy a gun and kill myself"
by montana is gay March 18, 2004
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