Wears a lot of makeup and spray tans, not a whole lot of clothing, and posts all of it on Instagram after heavily photo-shopping.

Age: 15 (we hope)
Birthday: Mar 7, 2004
Current boyfriend count: 9
Current baby count: 0, surprisingly enough

1. Richard Ortiz, 12 (Mar - Jul 2016)
2. Jayden Price (Oct - Dec 2016)
3. Nelson Aguilar (Jan 2016 - ? 2016)
4. Owen Bodnar (Feb - Apr 2017)
5. Case Walker, 14 (May - Jun 2017)
6. Cole Galotti, 16 (Jul 2017 - Aug 2017)
7. Sebastian Bails (Sep 2017)
8. Sebastian Topete, 18 (Oct 2017 - May 2018)
9. Mikey Tua, 16 (Jun 2018 - July 2019)
10. Dustin Bryant (August 2019 - present)
"She's such a Danielle Cohn"
by skooshpoodle October 26, 2019
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A girl who wares a significant amount of make up and a small amount of shirt
That girl is Danielle Cohn
by Pouncing panda July 20, 2017
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Danielle Cohn is a 12 year old used to be tik toker. She is a liar and a manipulator and her fans fall for that shit. She dates men, yes i say men people most of them are almost 18. She tries to deny being a hoe, but we all know the tea.
She looks like a damn racoon, and her mother looks like a crackhead.
P1: Who's that?
P2: Oh, that's Danielle Cohn. Don't go near her, she'll bite you 'cause she's a snake.
by molleeeeerattt December 21, 2018
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A girl who photoshops her pictures to make her look thinner and mother lies by saying the she used FaceTime to take the pictures. She also lies about her age to get older guys *cough* *cough* Mr.Galotti. This type of girl also has wayyyyyy to many boyfriends in a short period of time ☕️
That girl lied about being older than she is, so is such a Danielle Cohn
OMG she over photoshop her pics to look thinner ugh
She literally has a new boyfriend ever time I see her
by Musershaderoom STAN ☕️🐸 December 1, 2017
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Big Pregnant Thot. She wears shorts that go up her noexistant ass and photoshops to make it look remotely big. Can we also just talk about how she is 13?? like girl you’re pregnant and like... 13. Her bf is just a man whore who likes chubby girls.
no one:
her: i don’t photoshop my pictures!!
me: ugh she’s such a big danielle cohn
by Pretty veggie tales April 13, 2019
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Some untalented hoe on social media. Dresses like a hoe. Lies about her age has dated many boys, and one much older than her.
Why is Danielle Cohn famous at all?
by bury.me.in.shit March 17, 2019
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A somehow famous 13 year old girl who is goes to boy to boy especially a 16 year old
Abby has dated 6 guys in the past 2 months she's definitely a danielle cohn
by Spilldatea August 11, 2017
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