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Tuva is a girl with a severe tiktok addiction. She barely sleeps since she's always online and she knows all the dances. Her videos are often the best thing you'll ever see and whenever she sees an opportunity to make a new one, she takes it.

She is also very secretive. For an example; she's secretly a VSCOgirl but she refuses to admit it to anyone.
Her freetime consists of, well...not much tbh.
Despite all her flaws she's still a nice, sexy, "big-titted", godess who dererves all the love in the world.
p1: "dude did you see the new girl? she's smoking hottttt!"
p2: " yeah dude, she's such a Tuva. She wouldn't stop doing tiktok dances tho..."
by we__irritating November 5, 2019
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p1: "did you see that one tiktok by @daniellecohn?"
p2: "no, which one?"
p1: "the iconinc yo booty popping vid"
p2: "wow ok i'm gonna have to check that out"
by we__irritating November 5, 2019
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