The yin and yang represent duality, used in ancient Chinese philosophy. It illustrates how opposing forces could be interconnected and complement each other. The yin (dark) is associated with femininity and shadows whereas the yang, (light) is associated with masculinity, passion and growth.
The symbol for Yin and Yang are very common and can be easily recognised, but not everyone knows the meaning behind it.
by Folieano July 5, 2019
A path between two places. Heaven and hell, push and pull, moon and sea, and light and dark
have you figured out which place you are going yin and yang
by bdurhsj November 28, 2015
when a white man, and black woman 69 eachother, or vice versa
alex told me about how he was yin yanging shineqa
by tomix4000 September 23, 2010
Okay... Don't listen to anyone else because most of them are dumbasses. The spiral (Yin-Yang) is most commonly Good and Evil (White and Black), but it can be among other things as long at it's opposing the other.
Dan: Yin Yang Is spelled Y-I-N-G Y-A-N-G. Cory: No, dumbass, read a book, it's spelled Y-I-N Y-A-N-G.
by Tristan` July 13, 2008
The other definition here claiming that yin yang refers to anus is correct, and older people in certain regions of the US know this very well. This site is for "slang" usages, not the formal dictionary definition which would refer to the Chinese symbol. When a person says something like, "Wow, this store has widgets up the yin yang", it does not mean plethora. Rather, it's a substitution for the word ass. And in a sexual context, yin yang does indeed refer to the anus. "Taking it up the yin yang" is probably the most used phrase, although it's now somewhat antiquated, and it means taking it up the anus, or male/female part which is common to men and women, which is how the word was derived since the Chinese symbol represents the male/female balance.
The drug smuggler stuffed it up his yin yang.
by meknow October 8, 2009
Jimmy, "Damn bro, me and Sierra Yin-yanged this morning"

Tony, "Nice bro! How was it?"

Jimmy, "I felt like I was Japanese for a second"
by jaminthecity November 16, 2011