A kind of card or set of cards used in divination for finding insight on the past, present, and future.
I was at the coffeehouse the other night and got a tarot reading from my girlfriend's sister which told me of things to come.
by C. November 25, 2004
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Verb; to develop an instant and obsessive fixation for a potential sexual partner, typically for no rational reason.
Please don’t tarot as soon as you meet her: you two are not compatible.
by Psycho-T_logistics November 20, 2020
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A friggin' awesome heavy metal band from Finland, formed in the early 80's. The current lineup features Nightwish's Marco Hietala on vocals and Bass, Zachary Hietala on guitars, Pecu Cinnari on drums, Janne Tolsa on the keyboard and more recently, Tommi Salmela on backing vocals.

The worst part about Tarot is, next to no one has heard about them. They are popular in Finland, but it took 20 years to get something of their's to number one on the charts. In the United States and North America in general, forget it. NO ONE will have heard of Tarot. They do not sell their CDs in the States either. Hopefully Marco Hietala's fame in Nightwish will remedy this situation soon.
United States buyer: Where are the Tarot CDs?!
by Lemongrass Fields May 16, 2008
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The tarot (tarock, tarocchi) began in 15th century Italy as a trick taking card game similar to spades. Most English speakers only associate tarot cards with psychics but the use of tarot cards for fortune telling did not begin until the 18th century when occult writers associated the cards with Egypt and Kabbalah. In many European countries tarot cards are still used for real card games while in places such as North America, the tarot has been marketed exclusively as a divination tool, obscuring the tarot's true purpose as a classic card game.
I've played the game of tarot with a French exchange student.
by RealHorrorShow July 11, 2008
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Tarots, based on tarot cards, is a 2-player guessing card game, using a standard Poker deck.

1. To start, discard any cards that aren't the King, Queen, or Jack. (Jokers are allowed, as long as they have a suit associated with them). The game begins when Player 1 takes the remaining cards, shuffles them, then removes half of the cards on top. Player 2 then takes the face card. This is their Tarot. Player 2 has to do this to so that Player 1 gets their Tarot.

2. Once both players have their Tarot, the remaining cards are placed down between the players. This is the Tarot Pile. Both players have to tell their Tarot's Figure (King/Queen/Jack/Joker), without telling the suit. Player 1 now has to guess Player 2's suit. If player 1 succeeds, both players discard their Tarots and Player 2 reshuffles the deck, then redistributes Tarots. However, if Player 1 fails to guess, Player 2 now has to guess Player 1's suit. If no one guesses correctly, Tarots are redistributed without shuffling.

If a player guesses 3 Tarots in a row correctly, they are labeled the "Fortune Teller" until the other player gets 3 correct, or they decide to quit.
This is a standard Tarots round.
Player 1: I have the Queen
Player 2:I have the Jack
Player 1:I guess your Tarot as the Jack of Diamonds.
Player2:Nope. I guess your tarot as the Queen of Spades.
Player1: Correct.
by Mr. Enderman December 17, 2019
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When you reach the end of your rope and begin using a tarot deck to answer serious questions that you should be consulting friends, family, or preferably a therapist about. Subsequently, you pick a card from a tarot deck and proceed to make life-altering decisions that you will probably regret later. Alternatively, when you take the "advice" from tarot cards instead of listening to (ironically the same) advice that your friend has been telling you for weeks.
Beth: "Last night I went into a tarot fever and impulsively decided to drop out of college because the cards said I needed to change something in my life in order to be happy."
Ashley: "Damn, you have to stop making decisions while you're in a tarot fever."
by astupidlittlehoe April 16, 2020
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One addicted to that good, good Tarot. Digging up all the Tarot dirt on you. Willing to do some sketchy acts for a Tarot deck. Talks dirty with the Tarot. Will split open a new deck, just like a pair of legz. Down for some shady Tarot spreads. Addicted to the Tarot and all things Tarot related. Always down for Tarot and chill.
She was a true Tarot Hoe, the way she spread her fingers over the cards. Eyeing each card up and down, ready to dissect every question you breathed her way. If I had to guess, I would say this Tarot Hoe is a bit deck obsessed.
by Forever Wild Tarot May 13, 2019
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