When you're girlfriend is dominant over you and you show her that but doing what she asks with as much respect as possible.
Britney: Go do you'r e homework

Jimmy: Yes Ma'am
by TRP Guitar May 30, 2016
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To strongly say yes. Or hell yeah. Regardless of sex. Say it to any broad as well.
Gio: We're going to have fun tonight!

Jimmy: Yes Ma'am!
by Jimmy2Timez October 16, 2010
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another way of saying "hell yeah" or "thats good"
Brandon: I got paid today.
Chris: Yes maam pam. Thats whats up.
by Bottom boots sister March 6, 2005
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Person 1:"Hey bob?"
Person 2:"Yeah dude?"
Person 1:"I'm feeling very THANO CAR YES MA'AM today, aren't you?"
Person 2:"Why yes dude, I am in fact feeling very THANO CAR YES MA'AM today."
by BIG Robux November 1, 2019
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The act of spanking or being spanked, and asking for more.
Shanequia: *smack* Ya like that, ho?
Dave: Yes ma'am may I have another?!
by Courtney G-unit February 7, 2007
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