The world's greatest euphemism for masturbating. Coined by Jeff Foxworthy, of all people.
They give you a plastic cup and a Playboy book, and you take it in the back room and do what you're good at!
by uwg October 15, 2006
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Its what you would say to someone who is failing it miserably, or got "ownt".
"I tried to cut my wrists with an electric razor.""You're doing it wrong."
by [RFA]Quiksilver March 30, 2008
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This saying is used to peer pressure others into doing bad activities, such as drugs, pooing in front of others, or drinking another dude's piss. However, it sounds so retarded that it can only be used ironically, and my friends and I often use it in a very joking and ironic context, encouraging each other to do absolutely retarded shit by chanting "do it and you're cool"
Dave: You should do drugs and eat poo on the balcony
Tomas: What the fuck? In Hungary, drugs are punished by horse archer firing squad, and I don't want that fate
Dave: Do it and you're cool
by HectorMowsMyLawn November 11, 2020
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In case you are already cool and would rather not be, instead of saying do it and you're cool an alternative is do it and you're hot.
Ricky did not want to chug the cold bottle of water because he was freezing, but Megan told him " Do it and you're warm " so he did.
by Miranda Gallio April 30, 2020
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A phrase usually mentioned to get someone to do something that may not be cool but, sometimes is.
Bro 1: Dude, odds you do three pirate shots?
Me: Uh, Naw.
Bro 2: C'mon, Do it and you're cool!
Me: Well can't argue with that. *Chugs away*
by Investigate311#BirdUp April 19, 2019
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When your teammate dies on Fortnite and wants you to back out for them
Donny1: "How you dying already? Should i back out?"
Donny2: "Do it if you're bad"
by RyRyHinode May 18, 2018
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To be caught in a proverbial corner in which you can do or say two things, but either way the outcome is negative.
Your father wants you to take out the trash, and your mother wants you to was the dishes. If you take out the trash, your mother will be upset, and if you do the dishes, your father will be upset. You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't.
by Blikk August 13, 2008
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