yen is a chill person. she’s really nice but once you get on her bad side is over. Tons of guys wish they can get with yen. yen comes really picky when it comes to relationships because she’s afraid of getting hurt. her shoe game is heat, on top of that she can dress. she can be friends with literally anyone that she comes in contact with. she knows how to put a smile on everyone faces by not even trying. yen is a beautiful woman and very photogenic.
she’s such a yen

yen is so pretty
by suckmaddick October 22, 2019
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The act of a neighbor or admire putting yen pieces near or on your door. Originated in Japan.
Damn dude that chick is Yenning you up. Why doesn't she just call you?
by Aio June 11, 2013
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a nickname used on one who possesses Chinese like qualities but its not from the Chinese descent.
My sister has squinty eyes, therefore we call her Yen-Yen.
by B-Ren (: January 05, 2009
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A form of 'yall' or 'you guys' used normally in the south but is quickly making it's way north in the midwest.
What are yens up to later?
by CSells March 19, 2004
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slang for American money despite meaning Japanese currency, used by many young Americans
"Yo Skeeter, give me all your yen! I need to buy some Nic-Nacs!"
"Tough luck, Roger, I spent my last cent o' yen on a Beets bootleg at Honker Music Shoppe."
"Aww man!"
by JohnnyLurg September 18, 2012
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