The old chinaman washes down a yen pox hard and black as a cinder.
by Derek Cal December 02, 2005
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My Yen directly translated means "My money" because Yen is the japanese currency. People used to call asian chicks after "My Yen" in other words "My treasure". After time, the meaning of the name has been changed a lot, so My Yen means a hot and intelligent asian girl. My Yen is always hot, sexy and super intelligent. Those people are also defined as perfect.
"Dude, have you seen this hot asian chick lately?"
"Yeah dude, that is the hot asian girl My Yen. Look at her! Every move of her shoots an amazement!"

"Not only that but she is so fucking smart!"
"She's so perfect..".
by Pseudotix December 06, 2013
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A guy who has a yard stick in his pants, 2nd Asian to marry a white woman, Form of punishment in which one is beaten with a extremely hard and or large penis.
Jermicheal got a "D" in english so his father Fred Yened him til his eye was bruised.

People in China dream of Fred Yening with a white woman.
by AJ2469 October 16, 2010
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Bruce Lee's Reincarnation. One of the biggest bad-asses in the world with Chuck Norris and Jason Statham. Famous for his movies IP MAN, The Iron Monkey, Kill Zone, and his signature Flash Point. Learns a different Martial Art & does his own stunts in each of his movies. The only man who could out-kick Chuck Norris's Roundhouse Kick & cause injury.
Jesus Christ! Donnie Yen kicked him in the face hard enough to give him a 5 O'Clock Shadow
by Leon Hoffman December 10, 2010
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hot asian kid who is fun to talk to on the phone and who is fun down stairs.
he also always give hugs :
jerry yen is a cool kid
by hoebag347892749382 May 11, 2009
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1 -A martial arts actor from Hong Kong famous for legendary films such as "Iron Monkey," "Legend of the Wolf," "Ip Man," and "SPL: Killzone."

2 -Perhaps the best kicker of all time.

3 -The only man who could beat Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, blindfolded.
Whoa, did you see Donnie Yen take on those 10 Japanese guys at once? That was sick!
by ForeignCinema July 12, 2009
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to get some dome, skully, brain, head, bj etc.
I got some yimmy-yen from these two flips last nite.
by G-RAIDED November 08, 2007
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