3 definitions by Rebela

A BFFL- is a Best Friend For Life nothing can change that it’s a shoulder you can cry on a voice to laugh with someone who knows more about you then anyone ever! a BFFL is someone you can trust someone you can tell a secret and no one will ever find out you don’t have to tell your BFFL if you sad, mad, happy, or RAGING because they already know everything about you
Moe doesn’t talk to anyone her BFFL knows right away that Moe is sad
by Rebela November 05, 2018
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Mya is smart, funny weird at times. She has the biggest attitude, the biggest heart. Mya can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. Mya has a deep hatred for the way she looks but she always thinks everyone else is unique. When she’s the most unique girl you’ll ever meet. All the guys love her and all the girls want to be her
(Bestie) him, his brother, and his best friend are going to ask you out
(Mya) I cant handle anymore!
by Rebela October 09, 2018
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Yen is someone who cares about there friends. Who Never gives up on people! Who has the desire to learn new things to improve themselves. To make themselves and others be better! For them to push themselves! Someone who is going to wake up and think about others!
Yen is the kindest person I know!
by Rebela November 04, 2018
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