Yehuda is the type of guy that is perfect in every way. Some people hate him for that, but what can you do he’s Yehuda.
Wow you drew that perfectly. No I drew that Yehuda.
by Penis man December 07, 2018
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Yehuda is the type of person that fucks bitches on the daily he’s a player and gives and dick.
Wow he’s such a player, no he’s such yehuda.
by Old man weener June 03, 2020
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Yehuda is the guy in the group who talks about sex but is still a virgin. He's the cocky son of a bitch that everyone knows is lying. He never leaves the house and still manages to make up stories about how he "crushed some pussy bro" stay away from Yehuda's.
"That dude looks like such a Yehuda. What a cocky virgin."
by RabbiShneur December 08, 2018
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Someone who's got the power each and every hour. He feels very strongly about not cursing in school. He prefers star trek the original series over next generation. He doesn't sleep.
Person 1: *curses*
by couldn't find an available nam February 15, 2021
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