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A Yeem is both a verb and a noun, and is what happens when you absolutely destroy someone, whilst simultaneously meaning what happens when you get destroyed. It has other meanings such as when only 1/10 dentists recommened a toothpaste. It can also be Yeemed or get Yeemed.
Dude, I just changed my name to Yeem on Disney's Club Penguinβ„’

LOL, get yeemed nerd!
by Yeem September 09, 2018
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Yeems are clips from around the internet that range from hilarious to bewildering, and are no more than a few seconds to a couple minutes in length.
Hey David have you seen my yeem list?
by Yeem lord December 07, 2017
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To "rekt" or beat tf up out of something or someone. Can also be used in place of "nerf".
Im gonna yeem you mate if you dont give me your wallet.

They yeemed the hell out of Vladimir on league of legends.
by Notghost May 28, 2018
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A quack doctor who isn't very good at his practise.
Well, how'd you expect to get better when you consult a Doctor Yeem?
by qeff May 24, 2005
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A slang term used when one person gives a direction. Point in the direction of the desired location, while saying β€œIt’s over yeem”
Christopher said, β€œit’s over yeem” when pointing toward a barn
by yeemchap March 23, 2019
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