12-13 year olds who think theyre cool because they vape,smoke and think theyre hard.
Not all of them are like this though, the quieter ones either get bullied by the chavs in their year or get bullied by chavvy year 10s making them feel like shit. ( from personal experiences).
Year 8 to a year 7: oi bruv move out the way before i shank you bruv innit doe
Year 7: pertrified for their life.
by Pickleypucks November 04, 2020
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year 8 is basically the start of turning into a slag. they get about in school thinking they’re celebrites coz they’re not the smallest year group anymore. their eyebrows are bricks and they will hog the toilets spraying victoria secret spray in the loos and scream. year 8 girls usually get with year 7’s🤮. they take a full bag of
makeup with them and crowd the bathroom whilst smothering foundation 3x darker than their skin tone on. of you have PE after the year 8’s, hold onto ur nose cuz ur gonna get asthma from the amount of perfume they spray on each other. but its also the year no one cares and has fun and mess about it lessons. oh yeah and you’ll probably expect year 8’s to be swearing at the teachers and have fights every week and getting sent out of class.
*in PE changing rooms*

*sprays 500 pumps her uniform*
by unkownnn>• September 19, 2020
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