In the United Kingdom 'Yay' is most often used by young girls, to express hapiness at something, in a childlike way.

This seems to arise from the use of 'yay' by toddlers who cant say hooray properly.

Yay is often used to express delight at something in a childlike way.

It is rare to hear an adult in the U.K. saying this, unless they are talking to a baby or toddler.
It's christmas, Yay!
Yay, I won a prize!
Yay, Tellietubbies are on the T.V.
by Kai_76 February 18, 2008
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something that can be expressed best with full on vibes. this term is a bright and shining light, of super goodness, that beams out of your solar plexus and third eye, when filled with joy and happiness. it will then saturate anyone or anything that is open to such frequencies, and the YAY will be passed on and on and on. hugs, songs, winks, smiles, snickers, any happy receptive touch, are all great examples of YAY stimulators. YAY!! it just feels good...
by voodoomama February 04, 2010
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Often used as an exclamation for joyous occasions. Also sometimes used as a slang term for "this" when describing an object or person.
Man: Did you see a man go by, about yay tall?
by Happpinesss June 04, 2010
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Slang term for cocaine, derived from the similar yayo.
"I was getting tired, so I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom to blow some yays in a stall."
by T. H. Pine January 01, 2006
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