5 definitions by Laurent Cuffashian

A way of saying "It's just that simple".
In Phone sex as a career, all I got to do is say a few thing and moan ...And Voila! I got money in no time. I don't even have to touch myself either while having Phone sex.
by Laurent Cuffashian April 5, 2014
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A fetish where you glue on a large diamond to a glove. The diamond has to be real. Then, you fist the person with the glove that has the diamond glued to it until the diamond comes off the glove and gets stuck in the anus or vagina. The person that has the diamond stuck in their anus or vagina must excrete the diamond even if lots of blood spews until the diamond is out. Finally, the person that excreted the diamond must kiss the diamond for good luck in future sexual conquests. All walks of life is able to do this for fun or for their own tradition.
Princess Lesbian was the one who signed C'dazzle as a traditional practice into law in 2050. she also stated in this law that it is optional to practice such a thing and that any sexuality can practice this.
by Laurent Cuffashian March 27, 2015
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A more enthusiastic way of saying yes to something you really like.
"Do you like desserts such as Dobos Cake, Zserbó, Chimney Cake, Rigó Jancsi, and many more ?"
"Yassss! Diabeetus in my system!"
by Laurent Cuffashian November 15, 2014
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Teacher: Class, how do you say Drag Queen in German?
Lisa Turner: Das Queen?
Elliot kyokosnuß: Hunty?
Hellen Persephone: Fummeltrine?
Teacher: That's correct Hellen, as for the other students, take notes from this lovely Hellen Persephone.
by Laurent Cuffashian March 31, 2014
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