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A word used out of excitement of a situation. Becomes natural after a while. A more vibrant form of yes
Just got an A on my math test. Yasss!

Just got asked to Prom. Yasss!

Moms bought oreos at the store. Yasss!
by Yasssyouknowit February 10, 2014
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To be greatly excited at the prospect or in hindsight of an event.
Yasssssss Scud theres something sticky on your back, whatever could it be?
by Fergslargenips January 08, 2009
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a different way of saying Yes, mostly used by uneducated, ghetto, ratchet ass hoes who most likely don't know how to spell Yes
Amy: Does this dress look good on me?
Kylie: Yasss bitch, yasss!
by Yolo Drake March 15, 2015
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Commonly used by ratchet ghetto ass bitches that dont know the english language or how to properly say one of the most easiest word in the dictionary......... Rachet ass bitches.......learn the language.
Cashet: you know that dick was tooo good last night......
Logan: Yassss bitch Yasssss.......
Cashet: You know you want it.....
Logan: Im good..
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by BeautifulAngel1738 July 16, 2016
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