A word used out of excitement of a situation. Becomes natural after a while. A more vibrant form of yes
Just got an A on my math test. Yasss!

Just got asked to Prom. Yasss!

Moms bought oreos at the store. Yasss!
by Yasssyouknowit February 11, 2014
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Bird language.

For ratchet girls who cannot pronounce "yess" ..
Just got my weave done , Yassssss!
by Castella November 2, 2013
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To be greatly excited at the prospect or in hindsight of an event.
Yasssssss Scud theres something sticky on your back, whatever could it be?
by Fergslargenips January 8, 2009
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a different way of saying Yes, mostly used by uneducated, ghetto, ratchet ass hoes who most likely don't know how to spell Yes
Amy: Does this dress look good on me?
Kylie: Yasss bitch, yasss!
by Yolo Drake March 15, 2015
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a word of excitement used by a female
girl you going to the party?
yasss! you already know!
by msft January 12, 2015
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a fun, crazy way of saying yes and/or showing excitement
Chad: "Are you ready for the club tonight?"
Jessica: "Yasss! Can't wait!!"
by ily2;) April 20, 2017
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