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β€œHow much is that sack gonna run me?”

β€œThrow me a yardstick”
by meanstreetsreggie August 17, 2019
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a line of cocaine so big and girthy the only capable nose that can handle one will be found etched on the side of mount rushmore
holy shit, you blow monkeys keep ripping yardsticks that big your going to end up like jim morrison or even worse doing atrain bad with a rough case of the "meth mouth"
by poopbandit#2 April 18, 2007
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A measuring device consisting of a stick of one yard length. The stick is often graduated (has regular markings along the side to divide it into feet and inches).
He used a yardstick to measure things.
by Dueck March 09, 2006
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1. A real pain in the ass.
2. An object that parents use to inflict pain and fear into their children.
1. Tom: "I hate our 8:00am class!"
John: "Ya waking up that early is such a yardstick...."

2. Mom: "Clean up your room, I'm tired of seeing that mess."
Child: "Then don't look at it!"
Mom: "Thats it I'm getting the yardstick."
Child: "No, no!! I'll clean it up!!!
Mom: "Thats what I thought you said.."
by cshannon17 March 07, 2010
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A word used to describe a random person or friend when they do or say something completely retarded and need to be made fun of.
Also can be used to describe a person who sucks at sports, work or basically anything related to daily life.
Whoever: Asks stupid ass question
You: "Man that kid is such a yard stick, what a stupid question"
Friend: "OMG such a retard haha"

Random person: Slips and falls on ice or trips on random thing
You: "Man did you see that yard stick wipe out?!?!"
Friend: "Ya he totally just ate it hahaha!"
by Brengland February 06, 2010
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used to decribe malboro 100s
wanna yardstick? they're all i got.
by djashburnmn September 19, 2007
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