To ruin a friend's game by talking innapropriately while his girl is around.
I was just about to score with that chick until Joe came up and Yanged me
by supershon March 9, 2010
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To get Yanged is to become part of the political movement known as the Yang Gang which supports the candidacy of Andrew Yang to become president of the United States.
After watching Andrew Yang's podcast on Joe Rogan, she easily got Yanged.
by achraf112 January 12, 2020
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Completely screwed
You bought Yahoo stock at $25 and an offer to buy by another company was turned down for $33 per share. Now your stock is selling under $19. Yanged
by Staphgraph September 10, 2008
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southern term for "non-sense" or "bullshit".
As used by Outkast in the song, "Git up git out"

I should have listened when my Momma told me that
If you play now you gonna suffer later
Figured she was talking yang-yang so I paid her
No attention and kept missing the point, she tried to poke me with
by flashdance asspants February 24, 2010
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Dancer, Rapper, Member of WayV
Emperor of Germany, Ehrenmann, Skinny Legend, King, Bilingual King, Bruder
Stan WayV, Stand NCT
Yang Yang is the Emperor of Germany.
Yang Yang is a Skinny Legend.
by Youngbrian February 1, 2019
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Chinese for bling bling, or as the Chinese would say "bring bring".

Perhaps a vagina, perhaps.
Ret me see your ca, I hear it yang yang.
by Dave Pope March 27, 2005
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